Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Many adult and underground comics strive to be transgressive, but the satirical Cherry series by Larry Welz (initially called Cherry Poptart) is one of the most politically incorrect comics series ever published. Drawn in an Archie Comics style, the explicit Welz tales depict Cherry as an insatiable, horny young woman who never says no, whether it be to making love with man, woman or woodland creature. Cherry (whom Welz identifies as being 18 years old) strips, masturbates, enjoys oral sex, receives copious ejaculations, and engages in anal sex. She copulates with high school and neighborhood male and female friends, has threesomes with her mother, participates in orgies, fucks a well-endowed Bigfoot and other creatures, and has sex with conquistadors, aliens and nearly everybody else in her universe. It is a sexual world of rampant libido and continual orgasm, and there is non-stop fun and no dark side to the action.

Cherry's creator Larry Welz (born in Bakersfield in 1948) was an early contributor to underground comics in San Francisco, California. He created the Cherry series, which debuted in 1982, published by Last Gasp. After Last Gasp, Tundra Publications, Kitchen Sink Press and Cherry Comics (Welz's imprint) have published Cherry, who was "Cherry Poptart" for the first two issues. A total of twenty-two Cherry issues have appeared to date. Most are available used through Amazon or its related stores. Welz lives in Roswell, New Mexico.

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