Friday, August 23, 2013

Lust in Space

The basic story in the Druuna series concerns a young attractive woman on board a spaceship, but neither she nor the others traveling with her know that they are actually on board a spaceship. She has adventures as she tries to find the truth about herself and this world in which she lives and even after she leaves the spaceship she still has adventures to find out the truth of who she and everyone else is and where they come from and how they came to be on the spaceship in the first place. Sort of like an uncensored Lost in space (but not the old TV series Lost in Space), all from the perverse imagination of Italian graphic artist Paulo Serpieri. On the way they have to fight a deadly disease that transforms people into alien mutant monsters, they battle creatures, monsters, and other bizarre situations. This is basically the plot of the story. They all follow a sequence of events, but some of the stories are more like dream events. These comics feature abundant nudity, with gorgeous voluptuous Druuna frequently naked and often engaged in explicit sex with both well-built humans and aliens. For adults only.

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