Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jon Hul

Jon Hul is notable for his exquisite, hyper-realistic portraits of nude Playboy models, which should be more than enough to earn such a loyal and attentive following, but that's only the beginning of his appeal. In this newest collection, Hul displays even more erotic and eye-popping paintings designed to amaze and enthrall. Also included - an intricate step-by-step instructional on the creation of a classical pin-up painting.

Jon Hul Gallery

A man of many talents, Jon Hul always had a love for illustration, but an overriding passion for music. In the race to see which discipline would finally pay the bills, art won over the drums, and rock's loss was the pin-up's gain! Hul has fused his eye for color, detail, and composition with an appealing photo-realistic style. The results stop you dead in your tracks! Gallery shows bring in the serious collectors, and Jon's reputation for outstanding works of sheer beauty keep the artist hard at his craft!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Andreas Raufelsen

Long legs and a wicked smile - that's what the women in Andreas Raufelsen's world use to get what they want! Statuesque sirens of desire, dressed for excess - whether in leather, spandex, or a latex nurse's uniform! A fan of the kink in all of us, Andreas melds flesh with fantasy into a steamy mix of uncomfortable taboos! His technique is impeccable, his composition precise, and his use of some very familiar faces will leave you with a knowing grin of recognition!

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Eric Drudwyn

Eric Drudwyn's work is the very model of perfection. Using live and lovely young ladies in his studio (some guys have all the luck!), Erik reaches a level of realism not often achieved in fantasy art. These erotic illustrations have a sensual aura to them, as if you could actually reach out and touch the girls (and they could touch back!) This is Drudwyn's first full color collection of his paintings, and if you've a penchant for pert and perfect, this will be on your current "must buy!" list.

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