Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alazar's Panty Peeks

Alazar's Panty Peeks

The great bondage and fetish illustrator Alazar is back, and this time he's looking where he's not supposed to! Taking a brief break from the ties that bind, Alazar's focus is on briefs! The frilly little scanty panties worn by girls who seem to always be walking about in a stiff breeze. Or bending over deeper than they have to. Or hiking their skirt over their waist. Or generally making a spectacular spectacle of themselves! These ladies are, by fate or design - exhibitionists who love to let the rest of us take a peek at what's just out of sight! Alazar has made a significant study of such behaviour, and has assembled a wide array of illustrations to make his point. And what lovely points they are! You might blush, but you will look longingly at these Panty Peeks.

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