Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pink Sniper!

Beginning a new era in MangaErotica for Eros Comix: standard Japanese manga format! The story begins at the back of the book and reads to the front. Young Niibia is enrolled in med school only to be abducted by the sexiest and horniest goddess of the school, Haruana. This wild vixen takes Niibia as a sex slave and forces him to do things to her that would make a porn star blush. Pink Sniper is filled with half animal people, flying sci-fi vehicles, loose women, and Haruana's giant breasts. Creator Kengo Yonekura's beautiful, lush art brings to life this wild tale of lust, sex, and strangeness. This is not a reprint book but a brand new graphic novel from Eros Comix and Studio Proteus.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alazar's Panty Peeks

Alazar's Panty Peeks

The great bondage and fetish illustrator Alazar is back, and this time he's looking where he's not supposed to! Taking a brief break from the ties that bind, Alazar's focus is on briefs! The frilly little scanty panties worn by girls who seem to always be walking about in a stiff breeze. Or bending over deeper than they have to. Or hiking their skirt over their waist. Or generally making a spectacular spectacle of themselves! These ladies are, by fate or design - exhibitionists who love to let the rest of us take a peek at what's just out of sight! Alazar has made a significant study of such behaviour, and has assembled a wide array of illustrations to make his point. And what lovely points they are! You might blush, but you will look longingly at these Panty Peeks.


Birdland is not for prudes! This racy, sexually explicit comic by Gilbert Hernandez (Love and RocketsThis graphic novel centers around a lisping psychiatrist and her covetous sister (characters from Love & Rockets) as well as a nymph-like stripper. The sex is completely over the top, in the end involving omnisexual pairings and aliens. Gilbert's sense of humor sets this book apart from many of the other titles in the Eros graphic novel series.


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Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh Noe!

The best-selling series finally sees its second volume collecting the rest of the stories of the Piano Tuner who gets to tune a lot more than a bunch of grand pianos. Somehow, he always seems to know just the right tune of the women he visits turning them into lecherous wretches at his command! Just as beautifully painted by Noe as ever.

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Serpieri's Druuna


Serpieri Druuna showcases the fluid art of Serpieri. There is plenty of eye candy for those who enjoy euro comics and erotica. Even if some illustrations can be considered of a somewhat pornographic nature, Druuna remains a true euro comics classic, and these books are a tribute to its creator. Definitively not for minors.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Hot Moms! (From Rebecca)

The time is ripe for a block-busting retrospective of one of our most beloved series. This second volume collects stories of the non-stop carnal carnival that Rebecca lustily depicts in graphic full-color detail. The joys, humiliations and general ups-and-downs of life in the 'burbs are conveniently collected in a one-stop shopping delight for both the legion of Rebecca's fans and new recruits alike.

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