Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Many adult and underground comics strive to be transgressive, but the satirical Cherry series by Larry Welz (initially called Cherry Poptart) is one of the most politically incorrect comics series ever published. Drawn in an Archie Comics style, the explicit Welz tales depict Cherry as an insatiable, horny young woman who never says no, whether it be to making love with man, woman or woodland creature. Cherry (whom Welz identifies as being 18 years old) strips, masturbates, enjoys oral sex, receives copious ejaculations, and engages in anal sex. She copulates with high school and neighborhood male and female friends, has threesomes with her mother, participates in orgies, fucks a well-endowed Bigfoot and other creatures, and has sex with conquistadors, aliens and nearly everybody else in her universe. It is a sexual world of rampant libido and continual orgasm, and there is non-stop fun and no dark side to the action.

Cherry's creator Larry Welz (born in Bakersfield in 1948) was an early contributor to underground comics in San Francisco, California. He created the Cherry series, which debuted in 1982, published by Last Gasp. After Last Gasp, Tundra Publications, Kitchen Sink Press and Cherry Comics (Welz's imprint) have published Cherry, who was "Cherry Poptart" for the first two issues. A total of twenty-two Cherry issues have appeared to date. Most are available used through Amazon or its related stores. Welz lives in Roswell, New Mexico.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Attilio Gambedotti

The Spanish graphic artist Attilio Gambedotti is a contributor to Kiss and Sizzle magazines, and his bestselling Eurotica explicit adult comic titles include the 4 Girlfriends series, 3 Of a Kind, Susanita in the Big City and Getting Close. He is known for depicting irresistibly cute girls with curvy figures who get caught up in the total pursuit of physical pleasure and ecstasy. Here the gorgeous women are engaged in oral sex, sucking cock and receiving cunnilingus, having sex in every imaginable position and enjoying double penetrations and other randy forms of pleasure. Very sexy hard-core comics with no censorship.

4 Girlfriends, Vol. 1

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Lust in Space

The basic story in the Druuna series concerns a young attractive woman on board a spaceship, but neither she nor the others traveling with her know that they are actually on board a spaceship. She has adventures as she tries to find the truth about herself and this world in which she lives and even after she leaves the spaceship she still has adventures to find out the truth of who she and everyone else is and where they come from and how they came to be on the spaceship in the first place. Sort of like an uncensored Lost in space (but not the old TV series Lost in Space), all from the perverse imagination of Italian graphic artist Paulo Serpieri. On the way they have to fight a deadly disease that transforms people into alien mutant monsters, they battle creatures, monsters, and other bizarre situations. This is basically the plot of the story. They all follow a sequence of events, but some of the stories are more like dream events. These comics feature abundant nudity, with gorgeous voluptuous Druuna frequently naked and often engaged in explicit sex with both well-built humans and aliens. For adults only.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jon Hul

Jon Hul is notable for his exquisite, hyper-realistic portraits of nude Playboy models, which should be more than enough to earn such a loyal and attentive following, but that's only the beginning of his appeal. In this newest collection, Hul displays even more erotic and eye-popping paintings designed to amaze and enthrall. Also included - an intricate step-by-step instructional on the creation of a classical pin-up painting.

Jon Hul Gallery

A man of many talents, Jon Hul always had a love for illustration, but an overriding passion for music. In the race to see which discipline would finally pay the bills, art won over the drums, and rock's loss was the pin-up's gain! Hul has fused his eye for color, detail, and composition with an appealing photo-realistic style. The results stop you dead in your tracks! Gallery shows bring in the serious collectors, and Jon's reputation for outstanding works of sheer beauty keep the artist hard at his craft!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Andreas Raufelsen

Long legs and a wicked smile - that's what the women in Andreas Raufelsen's world use to get what they want! Statuesque sirens of desire, dressed for excess - whether in leather, spandex, or a latex nurse's uniform! A fan of the kink in all of us, Andreas melds flesh with fantasy into a steamy mix of uncomfortable taboos! His technique is impeccable, his composition precise, and his use of some very familiar faces will leave you with a knowing grin of recognition!

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